Diy Printable Planner Stickers | Silhouette cameo 3

Diy Printable Planner Stickers | Silhouette cameo 3

Have you always wanted to create your own planner stickers or would you like to know how to print and cut the printable planner stickers that you have bought?
Keep reading and I will show you what to do

Supplies Needed:
– Silhouette CAMEO ( Buy at Wallmart: )
– Silhouette Cutting Mat
– Silhouette Cutting Blade
– Silhouette studio
– Printable white sticker paper ( Buy on Amazon: )
– Printer






Not in the mood to create your own planner stickers
Take a look on Etsy, so many talented people have created beautiful printables.
You can find mine at

Now let’s start!

Step 1: Set your paper and mat settings

(if you bought a sticker set you can skip this step)
When you want to create your own set you start by setting your page settings.

Click on the page setup panel along the upper right-hand toolbar
The size of your paper will be the size of your sticker paper in my case this will be a normal a4 paper size.

The mat size will be the mat that you use in your machine.
I use a 12 x 12-inch mat that came with my machine.

The next thing your gonna do is set up your registration marks
Click on the Page Setup panel along the upper right-hand toolbar and select the registration marks icon.
Choose the style of registration marks to add.
In my case type 1.

Make sure your designs do not overlap the registration marks or the crosshatched area.
If they do, the Silhouette may not read the marks correctly.

Step 2: Designs your sticker sheet

Now we are gonna design or sticker sheet.
You can find designs in the library or draw them yourself.
Keep in mind that you need the right sizes for your planner.
You can use the guidelines that you can pull out of the rulers.

If you use a bought sticker sheet you can open the silhouette file that came with your order.
There should already be cut lines on the jpg design and they should be aligned with each other.

Step 3: Print your design

Once your design is ready to go, print your design to your regular printer on sticker paper by clicking on the Print icon and make sure your quality is set to high.
You can find the print icon on the toolbar at the top left.

your own created designs, designs from the library and your bought files already have the cut files.
To make sure that they will not be printed you can select al your cut lines and copy them and then remove them.
This way you can place them back after you printed your design.
You can also make your cut lines transparent by using the line tool that you can find in the toolbar on your left hand.

Step 4: Create the perfect cutlines

When you have created your own design you can create the perfect cutlines.
The cut lines that you have now will do but when you want to make sure your design has no white edges you can use the offset tool.
This way you can move your cutline into your design or outside to create a white border on purpose.

To apply an offset, select your image go to the Offset panel or right-click your image and select Offset.
You can choose to make your offset image either have a sharper or round corner appearance.
You can fine-tune the offset effect to be as wide or as skinny as you’d like with the slider bar or by typing in a specific measurement.
Once your offset looks how you want, click “Apply.”

If you use a printable by me there will already be perfect cutlines.
I have created a bleed in my designs to make sure there will be no white borders or weird edges.

After you created your perfect cut lines you can remove your design so that only your cut lines are visible.

If you want your sticker sheet to be smaller you can add an extra cutline around the sheet with all your cutlines to remove the border and registration marks.
Make sure you use a different line color because you want this line to be cut all the way through the paper so u have to set a different force setting.

Step 5: Select your correct settings

Now we are ready to cut.
Go to the send panel and set up your lines with the right settings.
Both of my line colors get the sticker paper white setting.
I’m going to change the forces of my lines into different numbers.
These settings can be different for you.
It depends on the sticker paper that you use and how deep your machine has to cut.
You just have to keep trying until you find your perfect settings.

Step 6: Place design on mat and load

When you have the right settings you can load your printed material into your Silhouette using a cutting mat and adjust your blade accordingly (unless you use the CAMEO 3 or the Portrait 2 with the AutoBlade, which adjusts automatically).

Step 7: Press sent

Click “Send” and your Silhouette will begin scanning the page for the printed registration marks.
After the registration marks are found, the Silhouette will proceed to cut as usual.
Unload the sticker paper and remove it from the cutting mat.

If your machine gives a fault message when it tries to detect the registration marks try to manually adjust your silhouette.
Check the box next to “manual” on the bottom right of your window.
Using the turquoise arrows, manually move the housing unit on your machine so that the cutting blade is situated directly over the upper left black box on your sticker paper.

Your stickers are done!
The only thing you have to do is start planning.

I hope this blog post helped you understand your silhouette a bit more.
If you have any questions, just send me a message and I will see what I can do

Relax and start planning!



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