Print and cut stickers | Silhouette cameo 3

Print and cut stickers | Silhouette cameo 3

Are you a beginner silhouette user and would you like to make your own stickers?

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Supplies Needed: - Silhouette CAMEO - Silhouette Cutting Mat - Silhouette Cutting Blade - Silhouette studio - Printable white sticker paper - Printer


Step 1: Start by choosing your paper size and your mat size

Click on the page setup panel along the upper right-hand toolbar and choose the paper size your gonna use. I use normal size sticker paper but my printer is connected to my laptop so it can see what size of paper I use. that's why I put mine on the current printer setting.

After that, you can choose if you want to work with your paper horizontal or vertical. I choose vertical

The last important set up is your mat size. I use the 12 x 12-inch cutting mat this one came with my silhouette but you can use a different size if you want.

Step 2: Create your design

Now let's start with our design I decided I wanted to create a small sticker sheet with lollypops. So we have to create our lollypop. Use the different tools that you can find in the toolbar on your left hand.

Now you can color the lollypop the way you want by using the tools on the upper right-hand toolbar

When your done group your paths together and scale the lollypop to the sticker size you want.

Step 3: Create your sticker sheet layout

Now we are going to create the sticker sheet layout. You can include other designs or some inspirational text. In this case, we are just going to duplicate the design and place it however you like.

Step 4: insert registration marks

Click on the Page Setup panel along the upper right-hand toolbar and select the registration marks icon. Then choose the style of registration marks to add. In my case type 1.

Make sure your designs do not overlap the registration marks or the crosshatched area. If they do, the Silhouette may not read the marks correctly. So I could make the designs smaller or I just remove 2 designs.

Step 5: print your design on sticker paper

Once your design is ready to go, print your design to your regular printer on sticker paper by clicking on the Print icon and make sure your quality is set to high. you can find the print icon on the toolbar at the top left.

Step 6: Make the cut file

Now we are going to make the cut file. Use the offset tool to make a white border around the image. To apply an offset, select your image go to the Offset panel or right-click your image and select Offset. You can choose to make your offset image either have a sharper or round corner appearance. You can fine-tune the offset effect to be as wide or as skinny as you’d like with the slider bar or by typing in a specific measurement. Once your offset looks how you want, click “Apply.” After that is done you can remove your design so that only your outline is visible.

Now to create the sticker sheet size make a square around your designs make sure all designs are inside the square. change the color of the line in a color that is different from the rest of your design.

Step 7: Send your design to your silhouette

Now we are ready to cut. go to the send panel and set up your lines with the right settings both of my line colors get the sticker paperwhite setting only I'm going to change the force of the red line into a 2 and the force of the green line into a 16 because I want the green line to be cut all the way through the paper. These settings can be different for you. It depends on the sticker paper that you use. You just have to try it out.

when you have the right settings you can load your printed material into your Silhouette using a cutting mat and adjust your blade accordingly (unless you use the CAMEO 3 or the Portrait 2 with the AutoBlade, which adjusts automatically). Click “Send” and your Silhouette will begin scanning the page for the printed registration marks. After the registration marks are found, the Silhouette will proceed to cut as usual. Unload the sticker paper and remove it from the cutting mat.

Step 8: Put your stickers everywhere

And there are your adorable cute stickers. now al you have to do is find a plays to stick them. Enjoy your stickers and did you create other amazing designs?

If you have any questions just leave them down below  and keep an eye out for more post to learn more about you're Silhouette. Keep Creating!


Download "Free stickersheet lollypop"


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